Global Winter Wonderland Inside Global Winter WonderlandLast year was Global Winter Wonderland’s very first year ever.  The Chinese Lantern Festival had never visited the United States so we knew we carried a tremendous responsibility to do it right when it came to execution. And while we received a lot of amazingly positive feedback to our debut, we also, as you might expect, had some negative reviews.  We took the negative feedback to heart just as we did the positive comments.  Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll discuss how we’ve tackled your constructive feedback. The first and most obvious comment was that the event was held in California Great America‘s “parking lot”…not INSIDE the park itself.

For those of you who gave us this feedback, please know the parking lot was the best we could do in our premier year. But, as a result of our tremendous success, California’s Great America took notice of how much the community embraced our event and they, like us, wanted to make it even bigger and better. So we’ve moved INSIDE Great America, which offers so many amazing opportunities for us to create an even more spectacular holiday event for residents not just in Santa Clara but in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California as a whole.

With so much more for the entire family to see and enjoy, you can make Global Winter Wonderland a two-day event this year and make a trip to Santa Clara an even bigger holiday excursion, taking in some of the other holiday events that take place throughout the area.  We hope we’ll see you at Global Winter Wonderland as you make it a part of your family’s annual holiday traditions.