Global Winter Wonderland

Magic Castle

It’s been crazy around California’s Great America this week and at the offices of International Culture Exchange Group in Fremont (ICEG)–all leading up to today and the Grand Opening at Global Winter Wonderland. Why so crazy? This isn’t our first year, after all. Perhaps if we had settled for the status quo, it would have been a walk in the park (no pun intended). Instead, Lulu Huang, CEO of ICEG was determined to make this year’s Global Winter Wonderland bigger and better.

UFO at Global Winter Wonderland


I’ve seen it in the making and she has accomplished her objective.  The move inside Great America was the first big step. It immediately provided multiple venues for entertainment, food and shopping.  Study the website and the Festival map to see what areas of the park have entertainment venues and the times for each performance and what food is where. I see a turkey leg in my future. With so many possibilities, the Festival Season Pass is a great deal because you will want to come back, more than once.

The bigger space also meant they can have more lanterns, bigger lanterns, and other unique structures. For the nearly 420,000 people that attended last year, Lulu was focused on making sure that almost all of the larger structures are new this year. Even though many Christmas festivals feature the same structures year after year, she wanted to differentiate Global Winter Wonderland from those other events.

Global Winter Wonderland AvatarBeing inside the park gave us access to six Great America rides including their two-story Carousel. The layout of the park also mans that around every corner you’ll be treated to a new and more beautiful surprise.


Be prepared to say “Whoa!” because this year’s experience is sure to amaze.