Waltzing down the carefully crafted pathways at the Global Winter Wonderland last year, it seemed the majestic and beautiful sky-scraping structures and colorful exhibits had always had a home at Great America. But we all know that that space was just a parking lot before it became a wondrous display of culture and beauty. So how was this world actually built? In this time-lapse video you can see how we turned a barren piece of asphalt into dazzling displays. Bending and twisting iron structures into a variety of shapes and sizes the Global Wonderland construction crews mixed assembly with artistry to create lighted structured so big they could power a small city. They attached internal lighting to the iron that made up the foundation of each lantern. They then draped the structures with hand-sewn, hand-cut silk design patterns that matched the structure’s design be it Santa Claus or a shooting star. For finishing touches they turned trash into treasure adding a layer of recycled materials such as tea cups, soup spoons, CD’s cans and bottles. Throw in a splash of color from apothecary bottles filled with dyed water and you’ve got yourself an amazing looking winter festival.


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