Position Marketing Speciallist
Job Location Fremont, CA
Job Duties
  • 1. Collect data on past sales to forecast future sales, analyze market trends, and use statistical techniques to determine effective marketing methods in order to maximize revenue potential;
  • 2. Perform market research analysis to evaluate and prioritize potential marketing regions and marketing opportunities using the collected data;
  • 3. Under the supervision of the marketing project director to develop, coordinate and implement the plans for marketing and promoting clients’ events and activities;
  • 4. Develop potential business partnership by discovering and exploring business opportunities, contacting the prospective partners, presenting business models to prospective partners, and establishing business relations; and
  • 5. Prepare reports and make recommendations to the management to make business decisions.
Requirements Master’s degree in Business Administration or related
Send resume to International Culture Exchange Group, Inc.,
44063 Fremont Blvd., Suite B, Fremont, CA 94539
Attn: Chief Financial Manager