It’s the holidays, the one time of year that we’re all allowed to loosen the belt buckle and taste our weight in food. And no better opportunity exists to eat, drink and be merry than at this year’s Global Winter Wonderland. This year’s festival offers succulent dishes for every pallet giving festival goers a taste of cuisines from around the world. Some of the major offerings include:


American Food

America is a relative babe when it comes to ancient food traditions but our nation still has some culinary chops to satisfy and surprise. From barbeque, 12inch corndogs, gourmet poppers, we Americans delight in the pleasure of food. Close the kitchen and come on down to the Taste of the World, a plethora of fries

chinese food

Chinese Food

You can try traditional Chinese dishes that will satisfy the inner foodie in you. We promise to offer you food favorites as well as new Chinese pleasures to enjoy. If you think you’ve tasted real Chinese food, think again! Come and try these delectable dishes culled straight from mealtime in China.

fexican food

Mexican Food

If tacos and tortillas are the extent of your Mexican culinary library then you need to run, not walk, over to the Taste of the World at the Global Winter Wonderland. There you will find a Mexican food fiesta that will forever change your mind about the sophistication and grandeur of food offerings from our neighbors to the south. Populated by corn, cilantro, chilies, mostly cheese, Mexican cuisine provides comfort as well as adventure. Experience Mexico like you’ve never done before!

japanese food

Japanese Food

It’s so tempting to think of Japanese Cuisine as just an amalgamation of rice, noodles and some raw fish. But trust us, when you visit the Japanese area of the festival’s Taste the World extravaganza you will quickly taste the innovation, playfulness and pallet-pleasing offerings of traditional Japanese Cuisine. From the airy and tasty raw sashimi dishes, wasabi as wanted, to the lightly friend tempura plates. Japanese culture offers some of the most tantalizing food around. Grab your bento box and come on over.

italian food

Italian Food

Italian food has been in America as long as, well, Italians have been here but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some food secrets to discover. Italian chefs from all over the Bay Area have created dishes so divine you will want a double helping just to be sure you’re not dreaming. Yes there will be old staples like preening pizza but there will also be some taste bud surprises that will turn you on to a whole other side of Italian culinary arts.

thai food

Thai Food

Known for its spicy dishes, unforgettable curries, and broth soups, Thai food is a favorite among foodies. And the food featured at the Global Winter Wonderland’s is no exception. The freshness and spicy kick of Thailand’s famous Tom Yum soup featuring lemon grass, coconut milk and just a hint of chili pepper will surely please the most adventurous appetites and traditional food consumers alike.

greek food

Greek Food

Anyone who has seen “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” knows that everything good comes from the Greeks and food is no exception. From the sugary goodness of Baklava (which many claim is Turkish) to the robust Moussaka a lamb, eggplant filled baked good sure to satisfy) the Greeks know how to inject a little fun into food. Come taste the hearty dishes prepared by Bay Area Greek chefs and know your mouth will thank you. Besides we all know that feta makes the world betta’!

 vietnamese food

Vietnamese Food

If you’ve ever wanted to go vegetarian but thought you’d be eating bland food then check out the creative and Buddhist-influenced dishes from Vietnam. Vietnamese cuisine may contain meats such as chicken, pork and fish and especially seafood but the culture really loves its plant life and it shows in their food. From lemongrass, to mint, long coriander (that’s cilantro for those not in the know) and fresh herbs the Vietnamese have perfected the art of minimalist cooking. Less spicy than some of its Asian neighbors and even more sparsely populated, nevertheless Vietnamese dishes have a fresh flavor that only comes from learning how to cook with what the earth offers and not daring to process anything different. You’ll be glad you tasted a bit of Canh-clear broth with veggies, or fish dipped in muoi ot, chili and salt!

 carnival food

Carnival Food

We certainly haven’t forgotten those little pint-size picky eaters. The delicious treats at our Kid’s Pavilion provides children and youth with yummy sweets. From the ubiquitous festival food cotton candy to caramel apples, candy canes, cupcakes, popcorn and much more.

 indian food

Indian Food

As varied as its 1,153 people groups, Indian cuisine is almost impossible to categorize without delving into the different ethnicities which make up the mammoth nation which houses more than 6 billion people. We, of course, have come to know the Americanized version of Indian cuisine– curries, rice, spicy vegetarian dishes, the occasional hot buttered nan or roti bread. And yes Indians do eat much of that food everyday but there’s a vast array of spices, foods and dishes in the Indian repertoire that most American’s won’t get to partake of except at Global Winter Wonderland!

texas BBQ

Texas BBQ

Texans are known for two things – thinking they’re their own country and their Barbecue. We’ll concentrate on the latter and like the rest of the world ignore the former. Texas barbecue has its unique flavor and should never be confused with Memphis barbeque or barbeque dishes from the South. Slow-cooked East Texas barbecue is melt-in-your mouth tender, while West Texas barbecue is cooked crisp using mesquite chips. The southern Texans love their sauces and Central Texas, well; they like to ignite your senses with their spices. Texans love their barbecue so much that President L.B.J, famously held a state dinner serving only barbeque. Now that’s presidential endorsement for you!