Carousel Columbia

Disappear into an enchanted fairytale when you ride the world’s tallest double decker carousel.

Height Requirement: Must be accompanied by a responsible person if under 46″


Celebration Swings

Way more exhilarating and exciting than the swing on your porch, the Celebration Swings spins you around in a 70-foot diameter circle up to 11 revolutions a minute. Add that you’re 40-feet in the air and I doubt you’ll be screaming to someone to push you higher!

Height Requirement: 48″



Great for kids, the Berserker ride resembles a circular bobsled race! Be warned it will make you dizzy!
Height Requirement: 44″ (Must be accompanied by a responsible person if less than 48″)



If whisking through the air on a giant wheel is among your greatest desires than the new Delirium was created just for you. Try it out!

Height Requirement: 48″


Flying Eagles

Feel the need for speed with the interactive flying portal that is Flying Eagles. Bend the universe to your will and zip through the sky as you command this wayward “bird”.

Height Requirement: 36″ (Must be accompanied by a responsible person if less than 48″)


Rue le Dodge

Give Danica Patrick a run for her money with this bumper car race track! Take comfort in knowing all crashes are rubber encased, unlike Danica who has to always watch her back!

Height Requirement: 48″