We are happy to answer your questions about Global Winter Wonderland.
Here are some questions we get a lot. For your convenience, we’ve sorted the Frequently Asked Questions:

General Information

When does the festival open for the season?

Weekend Schedule Nov 23 —Dec 9
Fri & Sat (4PM —11PM)
Sun (4PM —10PM)
Daily Schedule Dec 14 —Jan 1
Fri & Sat (4PM —11PM)
Sun —Thu (4PM —10PM)
Extended Weekend Schedule Jan 4 – Jan 6
Fri & Sat (4PM —11PM)
Sun (4PM —10PM)

What are the current ticket prices?

Daily Ticket
General (13-61) $18
Junior (4-12) $16
Senior (62+) $16
Child (4 & under) FREE


Season Pass $29.99

How much is Parking?

General Parking is $10 and Preferred Parking is $20. Parking at the gate is CASH ONLY.

Is Public Transportation available to get to the festival?

Yes, please see our Maps & Directions page for further information

What kinds of food does the park have?

Please see our International Cuisine page for a list of foods we will be offering. Throughout the festival grounds Global Winter Wonderland will also be offering traditional carnival foods.

How do I get information about Global Winter Wonderland and the area?

You may visit the various pages on the website to find information on all of our lanterns, shows and attractions, as well as local Lodging.

Where can I get a map of the festival?

Our festival map is available online. Guests are also provided with a map upon arrival.

What is the mailing address and phone number?

Event Location

Global Winter Wonderland is located inside California’s Great America Theme Park

4701 Great America Parkway

Santa Clara, CA 95054

For general festival information, please call (888) 589-9035.




Corporate Office

International Culture Exchange Group Headquarters

44063 Fremont Blvd Ste. B

Fremont, CA 94538
To reach our administrative office, please call (510) 962-8586


What is the email newsletter and how do I receive it?

The GWW email newsletter is sent several times a month with updates on special events and discounts. Be sure to join to have the latest news, great offers and other specials delivered to your inbox. JOIN NOW!

Park Information

Is smoking permitted in the park?

Global Winter Wonderland is smoke-free, so smoking is permitted in designated areas only.

Do you rent strollers and wheelchairs?

Strollers and wheelchairs are rented on a first-come, first-serve basis and are available inside the festival behind Guest Services.

Does Global Winter Wonderland have automatic tellers (ATMs)?

ATMs are located throughout the park. Please refer to a park map for specific locations.

Is there a place to store my belongings inside the festival?

Locker rental is available inside the main entrance.

What happens if I lose something while at the park?

Lost and Found is located at Guest Services. International Culture Exchange Group is not responsible for any lost, stolen or broken items. Items will be retrieved when the festival closes and kept at Lost and Found for the duration of the event.

Do you have any suggestions if our party gets separated?

We regret that personal pages cannot be broadcast through the festival, but you can leave messages for other members of your party at Guest Services.

What happens if it rains?

The festival contains all types of activities, many of which are not dependent upon good weather, including lantern attractions, games, arcades, rides & ground entertainment. While some rides and shows may close due to rain or wind, they will be opened as soon as the weather clears.

Where can I find information for guests with disabilities?

Visit our guest services for information on accessibility at Global Winter Wonderland.

May I bring my own food and beverages into Global Winter Wonderland?

No outside food, beverages or coolers are allowed to be brought into Global Winter Wonderland. However, exceptions are made for Guests with special dietary needs to include food allergies and baby food/formula.

How do I re-enter the park if I have to leave for some reason?

Guests who leave the park and plan to return must get their hand stamped before they leave the park at the exit/re-entry gate. When Guests return to the park they must enter through the re-entry gate with a proper hand stamp or re-entry will not be allowed. Transferring hand stamps is a violation of Global Winter Wonderland policies and is strictly forbidden.

Does Global Winter Wonderland have a dress code?

n keeping with our family-friendly atmosphere, and for health and safety reasons, Global Winter Wonderland strictly enforces a dress code. Proper attire must be worn in the park at all times, including shirts and appropriate footwear. Clothing with rude, vulgar or offensive language or graphics is not permitted at any time (shirts cannot be turned inside out as a solution). Park admission may be denied if clothing is deemed by management to be inappropriate. Basic winter attire is suggested. Please bring an umbrella if rain or showers are in the forecast.

What is Global Winter Wonderland’s alcoholic beverage policy?

No alcoholic beverages are allowed to be brought into Global Winter Wonderland. Alcoholic beverages purchased in the festival may not leave the premises. Excessive consumption of alcohol is cause for ejection from the festival without refund. No one under age 21 is permitted to consume alcoholic beverages and proper identification is required to purchase and/or consume alcoholic beverages at Global Winter Wonderland. Guests are prohibited from taking beer or wine purchased in the park out through the front gate.

Are pets permitted at Global Winter Wonderland?

Pets are not permitted in the park, with the exception of service animals.

Pricing & Admission

What are the current ticket prices?

Daily Ticket
General (13-61) $18
Junior (4-12) $16
Senior (62+) $16
Child (4 & under) FREE

Season Pass $29.99

What does my Global Winter Wonderland admission ticket include?

Your Global Winter Wonderland admission ticket includes 1 single day admission into the festival, viewing of all lantern structures as well as FREE live entertainment.

What if I have an unused daily ticket?

Global Winter Wonderland’s Box Office will not refund tickets or season passes that have not been used.

Online Purchases

How do I purchase tickets?

You may purchase tickets online from your computer or mobile device, by phone via Global Winter Wonderland’s Call Center (888) 768-7469 and at the Box Office. To buy tickets at the Box Office, visit California’s Great America, 4701 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA 95054 on any operating day of Global Winter Wonderland between 4PM and one hour prior to the closing of the event. For online ticket purchases, you may select your preferred ticket delivery method: pickup at Will Call, Print at Home, Ship and by Mobile Phone.

select delivery method

How do I print my Print at Home tickets?

If you selected “Print at Home��?as the delivery method when you bought your tickets online, you will need to print your tickets out to bring with you to enter Global Winter Wonderland. After you complete your purchase, you will see an order confirmation screen with a confirmation code. You will also receive an email confirmation that is sent to the email address you provided. This email confirmation will contain a link to view and print your tickets online.
print email

What if I cannot print my ticket(s)?

Not to worry. If you have trouble printing your tickets, a digital copy can be accessed from any of the following: (1) Your email order confirmation or (2) Walletini. Alternatively, you can bring your photo ID and confirmation number to the event entrance for assistance. You may experience an increased wait time to gain entrance to the event, please plan accordingly.

If I purchase tickets online and select Send to Mobile Phone, how do I access my tickets and enter the event?

When you select “Send to Mobile Phone—from the delivery options, you will enter in your mobile phone number. We will text you a download link for the Walletini app that you will need to view your tickets. Follow the link in the text and install the app. When you login to the Walletini app from your phone you will see your tickets in the Wallet tab.

If you have questions about Walletini, call 888.768.7469. You will need your order confirmation number.

The day of the event, bring your smartphone with you. Open Walletini and pull up your ticket to enter.

What if I lose my tickets?

Keep track of your order confirmation number. call 888.768.7469. You will need your order confirmation number.

How do I view my receipt?

For box office ticket purchases you will receive a receipt after you make your purchase.

For online ticket purchases the order confirmation screen that you see online will display once your order is complete. This order confirmation will include a confirmation code and receipt.

What if I need to reprint my Print at Home tickets?

Your order confirmation will be emailed to you and will include your receipt and a link to view and print your tickets. Save this email in case you need to reprint your tickets.

Can I pick up my order at the park?

You may pick up will call tickets at Guest Services located to the right of the box office. (888) 768-7469 ext. 2

Do tickets have an expiration date?

Tickets and season passes are valid on festival dates between November 23, 2012 and January 1, 2013, and expire January 2, 2013.

What is the refund policy?

All sales are final, no refunds.

What if I made a mistake when purchasing tickets online?

If you make a mistake when purchasing tickets online, call 888.768.7469. You will need your order confirmation number.

Ride Information

What rides does Global Winter Wonderland have?

Global Winter Wonderland has incredible Carnival Games & Rides for the family as well as several Great America Rides for all your thrill and excitement needs!

Are there rides for small children to enjoy?

Of course we have your little ones in mind! Please visit Great America and Carnival Rides for more details.

What is your loose article policy?

Loose articles are not permitted on most rides and should be left with non-riders or secured in lockers. Global Winter Wonderland and its employees are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Loose articles of any kind (including but not limited to purses, backpacks, and beverage containers) may not be taken past the queue entrance and cannot be left on the load/unload platform. Cell phones, pagers, or other small items must be secured in cargo pockets, zippered jacket pockets, or waist packs. All loose articles which cannot be secured must be left in a locker or with a non-rider prior to entering the queue line.

What is considered exceptional size where rides are concerned?

Safety is our number one priority. Guests with certain body proportions, height and/or weight, may not be able to participate on certain rides if the safety restraints will not operate as designed. Specific ride information is available at the ride.

If you don’t see your answer here, feel free to call us at (888) 768-7469.